Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 3

Philip Bowen – “Born in West Virginia”
-There are a three things I love about Philip Bowen’s song “Born in West Virginia.” First, I love that it’s a home recording with a genuine authenticity to it. Second, I love how it’s about “home” without being trite or corny. Third, I love that you can tell he really loves the woman he’s singing about here. The overall mix is just so gosh darn wholesome. This is what the root of country music is all about.

Sophie Seng – “Fly”
-There’s a beautiful jazz energy to this track that you’re probably not expecting. Once you ease into the first verse, you’ll feel a sense of timeless beauty in the composition. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with all of these chord changes. It’s an exquisite composition and a stellar lead vocal. It’s definitely one worth adding to your life.

Paper Lights x Dark Yet Lovely – “Come Back (Just To See)”
-There’s an atmospheric energy to this track that I didn’t expect on first listen. It’s so peaceful. It’s the kind of thing I want to be emanating from my speakers to really fill a room, or in the case of headphones to fill my entire skull. The peaceful energy from the synth/keys really helps to shape the song as the vocal keeps a relaxing, understated vibe. It’s probably not what you first think of with singer songwriters, but the overall mix is definitely worth adding to your playlists. It’s enriching.

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