Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 1

Unu’pe – “Thomas”
-The beautiful acoustic guitar work here is enough to grab the attention of a lot of listeners. Once you hear the lead vocal, you’ll be sure to stop what you’re doing. The composition is rich and rewarding. I particularly enjoy how the vocal feels nestled in the mix rather than soaring over it. It’s a beautiful, relaxing way to spend a few minutes.

Evelyn Cools – “Soaring”
-There’s a melancholy core to this track, which you might not expect from a track titled “Soaring.” Intriguingly, the vocal does find a way to soar. Of course the lyrics indicate soaring over the clouds, but the overall energy of the piece is fascinating. It takes a timeless, powerful imagery of human perseverance and celebrates it with fresh new styles.

Jessie Payo – “I love to be loved”
-Jessie Payo has a voice unlike any I have heard in years. There’s a golden, gorgeous quality to the sound. Once the high level production enters the track with strings to bring depth and texture, I felt like I was listening to something on 70s big studio vinyl. It’s a gorgeous composition by a flawless vocal and delightful, atmospheric strings backing. If you are looking for a timeless sound, please spin this one from Jessie Payo.

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