Three acoustic singer songwriters for your weekend

The Wortheys – “Doubt”
-This is the exact kind of song you expect to hear when you click on an article on ETTG. It’s an acoustic folk tune with a fantastic lead vocal and clever lyrics. The overall composition is relaxing but still engaging. There’s a seriousness to the lyrics that resonates in the same way that Matthew Mayfield’s writing often does for me. I appreciate the vocal harmonies so very much on this track; this is an absolute gem.

Sam Woolf – “Ease my mind”
-There’s a delightful commercial energy to this new song from Sam Woolf. It feels like a powerful and engaging acoustic tune with doses of hip hop in the rhythmic structure. Woolf’s vocal is clear and really pulls the listener in. I think it’s great that the song can help to ease listeners minds in the way that the subject of the song seems to ease the mind of the songwriter. It’s a clever one.

Nanuk – “Wolves at the door”
-Wow, this song is 8 years old. We don’t usually cover music that old, but we didn’t catch it in the submission process. So here is a nice acoustic song with an intriguing style. We like the guitar work. The vocal harmonies are delightful. It’s an easy going acoustic song that will find some followers here.

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