Three singer songwriters to sweeten your midweek

Emily Haden Lee – “Time is a thief”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing folk tune, Emily Lee Haden seems to have that under control. There’s a nostalgic sense to the track, but also a kind of mournful sincerity. I could relate to the scenes depicted by the lyrics in this beautiful track. The delicate mix of the guitar work and well-articulated lyrical lines make for an outstanding piece.

Augusta – “I’m going changing”
-This song surprised me more than any I’ve processed in recent memory. I don’t know what I expected when I clicked play, but the lyrics are incisive and meaningful. Something about it reminds me of the Carter Family. It’s confessional, honest, and with that abiding gospel-tinged simplicity to it. Even the vibrato on the vocal reminds of a different era. After listening several times, I still find myself smiling when I listen to this beautiful love song.

Jac Conley – “Cherry Bounce”
-The rowdy blues style of this track might remind you of classic rock. There’s a richness to this sound that feels absolutely timeless. I think the easiest comparison is probably ZZ Top, but there are other bands in that southern blues rock tradition that connect with this. I appreciate that I could put this on a classic rock playlist and no one would notice that it was written in 2020 rather than about 1975. It’s a slapper!

Pic credit: Augusta’s IG

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