Three engaging acoustic singer songwriters

Madeline Finn – “Neat”
-From the very start of this track, the steel guitar seems to command the attention of the listener. Once Finn’s vocal enters the track, there’s a haunting energy that absolutely stands out. It’s about finding your soul and seeking out meaning in life. The mix of existentialism and salt-of-the-earth reality resonates with me personally quite well. This is a truly magical piece of writing and one that everyone should hear.

Bright Arcana – “Old Bones” ft Anna Tivel
-The opening atmospheric element of this track is different, but if you stick with it you’ll find a rewarding lead vocal that reminds me of… well, Jeffrey Martin and Anna Tivel. I’m not sure how these artists got connected up here, but I am so excited to hear it. There’s a deep, abiding soulfulness in this recording. I adore the poetic lyricism around the concept of old bones, of course, but I’m mostly stunned by the vocal harmonies and sparing (yet stunning) production. I’ll be putting this one on a lot of my personal playlists.

Jacob Westfall – “Those days”
-The easy going folk guitar in the opening of this track will put a smile on your face. Then the lyrics… um… wow. They are engaging, for sure, but probably not in the way you expect. It’s ultimately about saying goodbye to someone for good. If you’ve ever gotten together with someone who is completely different now in their adulthood, this song will resonate quite powerfully. Having gone through some stuff with my own “old friends,” I find this song to really “hit the spot” for me.

Pic credit: Madeline Finn IG

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