Three new folk tunes for your weekend

summersets – “more less”
-This is an easy going folk tune with a really charming harmony style. Something about the band reminds me of the Belle Brigade. The relaxing energy makes me want to put it on a playlist of coffee shop tunes. It’s got a much needed humility and optimism that’s good for this historical moment.

Bo Armstrong – “Meet me in Memphis”
-This is a hit song. If I had access to an alt country radio station, I’d play this song every hour. It’s a fantastic classic country style that brings together all of the elements of a good song. The vocal is stellar, the bluesy core of the song speaks to generations of Americans, and the lyrics are excellent. Fans of folk and Americana music will find a lot to like in this tune.

Colorama – “Reconciliation”
-The first time I clicked play on this song, I actually stopped what I was doing and just LISTENED. That’s extremely rare in our business. The opening groove and vocal is good, but once I got to the chorus I was totally a fan of this track. It’s a love song, sure, but it’s also this fantastic glowing sentiment about moving on through the rocky parts of a relationship. This is vintage and charming, certainly a sound much needed in folk circles today.

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