Three indie folk tunes to get your toes tapping

Fever Dolls – “From dusk to dawn”
-The guitar work in the opening of this song is enough for a yes from me. Then the lead vocal enters the track and it goes from “good” to great. There’s a sense in this track that is deeply rooted in the best way possible. By the time rest of the rhythm section enters the track, the vibe changes yet again. The production is great, allowing the vocal to cut through very well. This is what indie folk is all about for me.

Days of August – “Bones”
-The jangly folk energy of this track is good for the soul. It reminds of a sound that emerged in the early 2010s and seemed to be all over the place with bands like the Lumineers. Yet, Days of August bring a careful, almost minimalist quality to their vocals that works really well here. The lyrics are about looking back on an earlier time in the relationship. The poetic lyrics and gentle vocal style work perfectly for a style that clearly stands out in the indie folk scene.

Big Little Lions – “It’s amazing”
-We’ve covered BLL in the past, but this track is on another level. The chord progression feels really, really good. The vocal harmonies are some of the best I’ve heard in a while. The reflective lyricism and acoustic folk that transitions into folk rock is absolutely gorgeous. This is the kind of song that continues to impress me with each new listen. I would love to play this for David Crosby and Stephen Stills, just to see what they’d think. I bet they’d love it to. This is a really impressive track.

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