A pair of rock tracks to accelerate your midweek

joyful. – “Pilot light”
-There’s a raw intensity in the guitars from this band, “joyful.” that put an immediate smile on my face. The sound might remind some of early 2000s pop punk bands. I am excited to hear this kind of tight punk music with solid vocal harmonies still rocking in 2020. I am definitely going to be putting this track on some of my personal playlists. These guys deserve a big time following.

Jake Pinto – “Just another minute”
-The image that pops into my head when I listen to this song is gravy. You know how gravy is just delightfully classic and makes whatever it touches better? That’s it. That’s exactly how I feel about this track; it’s got a vintage charm. The lead vocal sounds subtle and even a tad distant, then the gang vocal brings it all into this newfound focus and power. If you’ve ever craved “just another minute” with a person (or is it a substance?), this track will appeal to you.

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