Three new singer songwriters to follow

Tommy Ashby – “Everywhere is home”
-The energy from this track is really interesting to me. In one sense it’s up tempo and pop feeling, yet there’s this tender feeling in the vocal as well. The full sound is one that I think could really have a broad audience if given the chance. The lyrics are intriguing; it’s almost a riddle in figuring out what it means that everywhere is home. It’s about love and acceptance from someone you love, so it’s definitely something that a lot people will understand and appreciate.

Jenna and the Janes – “Take it home”
-This is an exceptionally good song in the country and Americana fields. I would really like to hear sounds like this from Jenna and the Janes on country music radio. If I had a traditional country radio station, I’d put this song on once an hour. Everything from the sincere lyricism to the timeless vocal harmonies are perfect. This is what the soul of country music is all about. I love it.

Arlo McKinley – “Die Midwestern”
-If it’s good fiddle work you’re after, look no further than Arlo McKinley’s song “Die Midwestern.” If it’s Americana lyricism in the vein of Jason Isbell you’re after, then it’s still the same song. McKinley really has something special here. Even the production mix reminds me of the vibe from “Cover Me Up” on Isbell’s iconic album Southeastern. It’s a really nice sound in Americana. The fact that McKinley is a few hundred miles away from us makes him feel like our very own. Maybe we should call this Buckeyeana.

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