3 Essential Summer Vibe Tracks

Katie Lyon – “Some Things Take Time”

If you like your songwriters hardworking and talented, then allow us to introduce you to your new favorite. The young songwriter sings as an artist who has been at her craft since birth. With “Some Things Take Time”, we were introduced to a talented troubadour of the road less traveled. We were reminded of some of the greats in the sound like Brandi Carlile. The track is beautiful and modest, which tells of a talented and confident artist you need to hear.

Rupe – “Wait it Out”

“Wait it Out” plays like the indie pop anthem of a lost summer. The 21 year old songwriter dreamily croons with the nostalgic backing of good sonic vibes. We are hard pressed to think of a similar artist, except maybe a more grounded Tame Impala. Rupe is everything we love about music and we think you will agree. The Cure style guitar work that brings the track to a close is another lovely element that makes the artist stand out.

Cape Weather – “Slow Dance”

The slow burn of this “Slow Dance” is smooth and incredibly sultry. The duo play like an early Lake Street Dive, which makes us modestly giddy. The groove of the track is intriguing but also serve to showcase the lovely croons by the lead singer. It gives us the best summer feels and is a welcome friend in a socially distanced world.

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