Three of my personal favorites so far in 2020 (acoustic singer songwriters)

Andrea von Kampen – “Hard times come again no more (from the Motion Picture “Molto Bello”)
-It’s no secret that I’m a big time Andrea von Kampen fan and have been since the first song I heard from her. The traditional sound she creates feels delightfully new. This new song captures poetic imagery and timeless storytelling like folk music ought to do. The expressive writing style finds a way of creeping into my soul on every listen. Living in some hard times right now, it’s so nice to be reminded that others have endured similar strife. This is a delight.

Edward Doyle – “Waxen figures”
-It’s been a long time since I’ve been so impressed by an up and coming songwriter. Doyle has an absolute gift for phrasing and songwriting. From the first time I heard this song, I knew that something special was going on here. The mix reminded me of the modern legend Rayland Baxter; I had to learn a bit more about Doyle’s music. But I really want you to listen to this song. It’s an easy one to have “in the background” but there’s a fantastic lyrical brilliance to this song. I love it. I’ll probably write about it again in December.

Arbour Season – “Colour”
-I’ve been following Arbour Season closely for a year or so now. There’s a certain style of folk music with rich harmonies and quality guitar work that’s always going to get my attention. Arbour Season don’t just get my attention – they DEMAND it. The harmonies are stellar, the songwriting charming, and the overall sound fills a role in the current music scene that feels extremely necessary. It’s an homage to an optimistic person, filled with hope and glorious wonder. I need this so much in my life right now; it’s incredible.

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