Three incredible tracks to help you vibe out this weekend

DAVA – “Asos”
-I literally turn up the volume every time this song comes on. I don’t know what it is about the track, but it’s incredibly good. I really like the balance of the bass with the hard-hitting beat. This is exactly the kind of music we mean when we say VIBE OUT. I am not entirely sure what the lyrics mean, but I am feelin the track overall so much that it’s definitely worth a spin. I’m adding it to personal playlists and def bumpin this all summer 2020.

Gianna Isabella – “Feel the same”
-Isabella is the daughter of Brenda K. Starr, the iconic R&B artist. That R&B and dance energy must be genetic as it is evident in Gianna Isabella’s work as well. The danceable groove here is infectious. The lyrics are about taking a relationship seriously. It’s time to stop fooling around and make a commitment, but that can still be a fun loving dance-filled good time. There’s a mature message wrapped up in some feel good songwriting energy.

Imbibe – “Sometimes”
-I never really understood the genre term “bedroom pop” until I started running across music like Imbibe. Suddenly I get the energy. This isn’t dancehall music with flashing lights, but it still has a delightfully infectious pop energy to it. This is chilled out pop music with layers that will surprise your ears at every turn. Spend some time focusing on the harmonies and the lyrics for a lovely, rewarding listening experience.

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