Three throwback Americana tunes that you can share with anyone

May Erlewine and Woody Goss – “Days Go By”
-This is a beautiful little love song with the pop jazz flavor of someone like Norah Jones. May Erlewine’s singing is just about as sweet as possible on this track. The easy going jazz instrumentation works to make the song even more enjoyable. The full composition is delightfully balanced and puts a smile on my face with every listen. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to share with anyone in any generation. It’s great.

Robert Chaney – “Before I go”
-I am pretty sure I said it with the last Chaney song I covered, but he’s probably my favorite Americana find of 2020. The year’s only half over, but I don’t see how it could get any better. There’s a jangly sincerity in every riff and line of the track. I most admire the crooning loneliness that aches from every line from Chaney’s voice. The easy comp here is Rayland Baxter, but honestly this track deserves to stand on its own merits. If you like Baxter, Andrew Combs, or that ilk of new Nashville… this is a must listen song (and full album).

Our Man in the Field – “Thin (I used to be bullet proof)”
-There’s an easy going style to this track that puts a smile on my face immediately. The lead vocal reminds me a bit of William Fitzsimmons. The haunting composition elements remind me of Dylan Leblanc. The combination, though, is a sound fully unique to Our Man in the Field. The way the fiddle layers with the guitars makes for some sort of magic that I don’t hear often in Americana music. Once the steel guitar takes a solo, I felt my heart flutter. I like everything about this one. Give it a spin.

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