Three genre-bending indie folk tracks

Isaac Chan – “You won’t find me”
-One of the categories for this song is psybient, which I didn’t even know existed. But the more I listened to the track, the more it feels like a folk song with a thoughtful ambient composition style. It’s a little psychedelic, for sure. It’s dreamlike and creative, totally unlike anything I’ve heard before. With as much indie folk as I listen to, it’s really difficult to stand out from the crowd. Chan found a way to create a true genre mashup that works. It’s unbelievably calming.

Shay – “Ruins”
-The understated vocal style here is intriguing. The easy going guitar and drums help to create a super chill base for the song. The lead vocal is subtle but seems to take the prominent center of the piece. The woodwinds are a nice, unexpected element here. It’s a bit like chamber folk with a Joni Mitchell lead. I dig the unique style of this track and admire the way it stands out in a crowded folk scene right now.

John Mason – “Coral for Coal”
-If you’re looking for a beautiful folk duo, listen to this track from John Mason. The acoustic guitar work has some delightful harmonics and finger picking that could stand alone as a solo instrumental piece. Then the folk harmonies with poetic lyrics lay over the top of the composition. This is the kind of music that pulled me into blogging in the first place. It’s so nice to hear a rich traditional sound come through with a fresh, energizing new composition. The strings help to create depth later in the piece, but the guitar and vocals are enough to win over my heart.

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