Three new singer songwriters to kick off your week

Jacob Westfall – “Burn me down”
-If you’re a fan of rich full band rock energies, give Jacob Westfall a spin. This track feels like a blending of a lot of 90s and 2000s influences. The layers and textures work well together. I don’t always like this style of production on rock singer songwriters, but this one works. It sounds like something you might hear on a soundtrack for a show like Grey’s Anatomy.

Will Pellerin – “I wanna dance with somebody” (Whitney Houston cover)
-I rarely feature covers and even more rarely in an article on “singer songwriters.” However, Pellerin’s creative reimagining of this classic tune works extremely well. It’s got a completely new life with this acoustic style. There’s an energy in the lyrics that hit differently with a male vocal and understated acoustic accompaniment. I dig this more than I anticipated.

Kate Vogel – “The Truth”
*Trigger warning: Sexual assault*
-We’ve covered Kate Vogel a few times in the past year or so. From the time you click play on this track, you’ll understand why we keep saying yes to Vogel’s music. The clarity in the vocal is enough to keep my interest, but then the lyrics have a plaintive sincerity to them that belies the pop song construction. It’s amazing to have such an engaging and enjoyable composition with lyrics that allow the listeners to connect. This one hits deep and hard, so be advised with the lyrics. But it’s an important reality of our world to engage in. Thank you, Kate Vogel, for telling the truth.

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