Three indie pop tunes to liven up your midweek

Honeywhip – “Think about you”
-This song is suuuuuper mood right now. It’s saucy and full of attitude. I like the understated vocal in the opening as it leads into the chorus. If you’ve ever had one of those rough breakups that leaves you feeling obsessed with someone you know wasn’t even right for you… this is THE JAM. Aside from the lyrics, the track just feels right. It makes me want to make a drink and vibe in some silence. Ya dig?

Human Barbie – “Get a life”
-The opening line is “get a life and watch it burn.” Wow. The pointed, scathing writing on this track from Human Barbie doesn’t seem much like “pop” at first glance. The more you listen, there’s a sort of dark meaning behind a lot of the lyrics. But I encourage you to hear it out, feel the groove, and ease into the earthy mortality at the focus of the track. Once you get the point, life actually feels richer.

Z Berg – “To forget you”
-The genre mashup here is not what you are expecting. I’ll say that from the outset. What pulls me into this song is the combination of these epic, cinematic strings that sound like the movies I grew up on… then this angellic, endearing voice that pulls it all together. I have a deep and abiding appreciation for the theatrical energy of this track. This is not what you typically think of as pop music in 2020, but I’d like to suggest that it become a new emerging genre. It’s gorgeous and timely.

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