Three genre-blending pop-ish tunes that need to be shared

Maisie Peters – “Sad Girl Summer”
-If you don’t know Maisie Peters, this track is going to absolutely change your world. We’ve been following Maisie Peters on YouTube for a while now, so seeing this in our submissions was super cool. The song is about dealing with a bad breakup situation by hanging with your girls. Obviously I can’t relate on a personal level, but the feel good beat is so infectiously good. I’m happy to support the sentiment of the song.

Jamie Scott – “This time lucky”
-When I first heard this song from Jamie Scott, I thought it was going to stay a chill piano tune. Let me tell you… stick with the tune. It grows into an anthemic pop song that sounds like it could have come from vintage Fleetwood Mac. There’s a fun, engaging folk rock meets pop element to the song that I haven’t ever heard. I applaud the original artistry and ultimately the execution of a unique overall sound.

DeDe Kimble – “Different”
*Trigger warning: Sexual/domestic abuse*
-I love the aesthetic of this song from DeDe Kimble. However the song was produced, I want more artists to take notes and do this. The lead vocal sounds AMAZING on this song. The lyrics are really hard to hear. It’s about abuse. But the juxtaposition of the ugly acts depicted in the song with the stunning beauty of the vocal is… honestly, enough to bring tears. I love the song. I hate the pain that caused it to be written. May the song bring healing to Kimble and thousands of others who hear it.

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