Three emerging Americana artists to put on your playlist

Justin Lucas – “A Song Just For You”
-This easy going country pop-tinged Americana tune is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The vocal harmonies are like something the Eagles would have released back in the late 60s but the steel guitar sings like vintage Nashville. When these two sounds blend, you’ll feel something serene. The lyrical content is a love song, sure, but the overall energy is overwhelmingly warm.

Rachel McGoye – “Carry the weight”
-If you read my post on McGoye recently, you know I’m a sucker for her quality vocal style. Add to that an easy going Americana jam band and you have an excellent combination. The power of the piano mixes with the vocals for something that feels both familiar and new. The lyrics are encouraging about doing life together. It’s sweet and could very easily make that next playlist you send to your sweetie (oh, come on. I know you do that.)

Eli Gauden – “Call my name”
-What do you call it when Americana is written and played somewhere other than… America? Well in this case, it’s Norway and it absolutely captures the heart of the genre. Gauden’s sincerity drips through in each line of the song. The guitar work, the vocal, and the lyrics all point toward a beautiful, timeless style. It’s amazing watching this sound, so fundamentally influenced by European immigrants to the United States, making its way back across the ocean.

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