Three pop tracks you won’t hear on the radio (but you should)

Jake Knox – “People got things to say”
-This track slaps. I love the beat on this and the lyrics are fantastic. The overall groove pulls me in right from the start. The conscious lyrical content is really important for us to acknowledge. Let’s work to conquer hate by first of all acknowledging the pain that is out there. One thing you can do no matter who you are is DANCE! Love your neighbor and dance your socks off.

Dan Fuson – “Shallow blue”
-If you’re looking for a song with some raw pop energy and some growling guitars to give it a rocky edge, you’ll love Fuson’s latest song “Shallow blue.” It’s an energetic song that has a prominent kickdrum and some soaring vocals. I feel like the easy comparison is a band like U2, but Fuson’s style is definitely emerging into its own. I am blown away by the production quality here. This is a made-for-radio hit with the kind of lyrics that make you want to sing along without crossing into the overly simplistic drivel that too often makes it to the top 40. This is a really good song that checks all the boxes for me.

We the Commas – “Sherry”
-The harmonies on this song give me chills. The overall performance is really intriguing. I haven’t heard a lot of songs that occupy this sort of harmony band space in recent years. There’s not a clear cut genre here, but it definitely has some pop tendencies. There’s a dash of jazz, some folk tendencies, with a core rooted in exceptional harmonies. Click play on this one and let your headphones send you to your happy place.

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