Music Evokes A Plethora Of Feelings Among You All

What is the purpose of an art piece? It could be anything, it could be a piece of painting, a piece of poetry, a novel, a short story, or a piece of music. A song bears so many emotions of the composer. According to Edward Husserl, what we create is a reflection of our own being and according to Hegel, our surroundings create our consciousness.

So in a way, what we create not only reflects our being but also reflects our surroundings. The surroundings could be psychological or physical but the reflection lives through the piece of art.

A pound of music as a vehicle of emotion: 

Similarly, a piece of art that is the vehicle of the composer’s feelings and emotion is channeled towards making us feel the same thing. Each song or music has its own imagery that it invokes in the minds of the listener. You can feel the feelings of the composers or it can awaken totally new feelings in you. Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and other songwriters write the songs totally based on their own experience and all these experiences are felt by the listeners too. 

That’s what makes a song a great piece of art if it awakens in the listener the same feelings it once awoke in the composer, that is when a piece of the song has won the chart. 

There are many songs that capture the feelings and message the composer wants to convey through their songs. Songs like Someone Like You by Adele, This is America by Donald Glover conveys the feeling also the message that it has behind it. 

Each song has a targeted audience that it wants to reach but sometimes, because of the shared experience, it surpasses the boundary that the composer has set. Those are the songs that climb the chart and reach the top position. 

The other criteria that go into making ‘The Pound Of Music‘:

Apart from the technical elements, there are two other aspects that help people stay connected to music. These two things basically make us feel good and content.

The tracks that take place on these international charts have two things that measure the fun scale of a track. These are Energetic and Danceable features. Each track is measured to see if there are any noticeable trends across several countries. Also, to check if dance tracks are more likely to get you to No. 1 in the UK than the USA. The purposes of these two measures are as follows:

  • Energy:

Songs are measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most energetic. Energy exemplifies a perceptual measure of intensity and entertainment. These categories of tracks feel fast, noisy, and wild. For instance, death metal music has increased energy, while a Jazz track would cut towards the bottom of the scale. For the music professionals, the features participating in this score contain dynamic range, discerned loudness, onset excitement, and common entropy.

  • Danceability:

For this, songs are measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most danceable. Danceability portrays how adequate a track is for dancing based on a variety of musical components including tempo, rhythm resilience, beat stability, and overall frequency.

Final Thoughts: 

The evocation of feelings in the listener is very key to reaching the world of the top tier of music. If the song has everything a certain audience wants, no one can stop the song from reaching the number one position. 

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