Three brand new songs for folks with an eclectic taste in music

Nicsaan – “Shadow”
-I enjoy when a song like this doesn’t really have a genre. Is it folk? Probably. Is it also a singer songwriter with something to say? Also yes. Does it grow into an epic indie pop song that makes me want to storm into the streets for positive change? Also yes. The harmonies on this track is pretty much everything my favorite thing in music. I like how the concept of the “shadow” itself is like a philosphical mystery. I really enjoy how this one makes think and feel. It’s a tidy combination.

Paige Valentine – “Pure”
-When you first press play on Paige Valentine’s song “Pure” you will say “oh this is nice” and smile. Then… you keep listening… and the chorus will make the hair on the back of your neck go up when you hear the breathy energy that comes across as “pure” as possible. The deep lyrics are simultaneously poetic and rooted, giving a pointed message that cuts like a knife with Valentine’s piercing vocal quality. Honestly if this song gets on a few of the right playlists, it could be a MASSIVE hit all over the world. Let’s do our part to make that happen.

Ali George – “Wait for the Mist to Clear”
-The easy going acoustic guitar work here holds this song together. It feels comfortable and nice in the opening. Something about the chromatic chord change makes me think of George Harrison. Once I start thinking about George Harrison, I’m a fan of the song. The eclectic chord choices and experimental energy in parts of the song really put a smile on my face. It’s apparent that Ali George isn’t the average folk singer and we’re so glad for that. We’ll take this fun, exploratory, engaging acoustic style any day!

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