Three brand new rock tunes for your weekend

Marsicans – “These days”
-“I don’t wanna go outside these days.” Umm… Marsicans have been reading my diary, apparently. Wait, I don’t even HAVE a diary! Anyways, this is nice up beat rock music with a relatable hook-filled lyric. The guitar work, as always, is stellar from Marsicans. I’m happy to croon this one from my office or maybe… as far as my front porch. But I’m not going anywhere further than that for a while. Yikes.

Ozwald – “Head movies”
-The lyrical concept for this song is really interesting; we all have those memories that exist as movies in our heads. They can be a mixture of good and bad, but they are important ways that we remember our lives. This hook-happy rock style from Ozwald might get you thinking about some of those positive past experiences. I really appreciate the “oohs” and “ahhs” in the vocal backing that give the song an extra layer of nostalgia and charm. I am definitely digging the singalong vibe here.

The Morning Yells – “Erika”
-The folk rock energy of this song is absolutely infectious. The first thing I did when I heard it was share it with my friend… Erika. But after that I started thinking this is really good. I am a huge fan of the glowing harmonies on the chorus. The lead vocal has this cool haunting energy to it like Dylan LeBlanc. That effect combined with the timeless folk rock guitar work and moving percussion puts it in a nice category to its own.

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