Seven emerging folk acts you need in your life

Wild Silence – “Wasteland”
-This is one of my favorite folk songs I’ve found so far in 2020. How’s that for not burying the lede? The breathtaking harmonies on the chorus make the song absolutely stunning, but even before you get to that point the individual voices are fantastic. The atmospheric filter on the vocals works wonders with the mesmerizing and calming guitar part. I just want to stand in a big cave and sing with these talented musicians. It’s sooooo pretty!

Jake Etheridge – “Rock and roll”
-Every once in a while I catch an artist who is just at that “next level” of songwriting and performance. Jake Etheridge is one of those guys that is cut from the Ryan Adams and David Ramirez cloth. He’s the real deal. The song has this gritty sentimentality to it that I friggin love, my dude. He’s part of the new Nashville folk-infused raw rock songwriting style. I will definitely be following Etheridge in the coming years.

The Sea The Sea – “Parachute”
-That’s not a typo – the band’s name is really The Sea The Sea. They are an unbelievably gifted folk duo who should absolutely be on your radar. From first listen of this track, I was struck by how the vocals blend so well. The lyrics are appropriately poetic, but what made me take notice was certainly the vocal blending. It just makes me want to have a glass of wine and relax in the evening.

Love Like Ivy – “After all”
-If you’re a fan of folk duos, you’ll enjoy getting to know Love Like Ivy. The song has delightfully sparing production, which allows the vocals and lyrics to really take center stage. The delicate romantic phrasing is perfect for the genre and this message. I could picture myself in a coffee shop listening to these two have an amazing acoustic set full of smiles and good vibes.

The Wortheys – “Run away”
-Well, if you’re looking for a folk duo, you found a really good one in The Wortheys. The vocal harmonies are absolutely fantastic. The lyrics are about finding the way home with someone you love. It’s got a bit of a pop rock energy to it, but at the end of the day the folk spirit of the composition is there. I think this one could have some wonderful crossover appeal, even for current country radio. Throw it on your favorite playlist and I bet it will catch your attention on every listen.

Nine Year Sister – “Another day”
-The harmonies on this song are outstanding. If you’re looking for a blissful, engaging duo sound you really need to listen to Nine Year Sister. The song has some powerful encouraging lyrics about standing and fighting together. The overall energy is calming and peaceful, yet with this eager hope for the future. It’s a perfect song for someone experiencing young love.

Mountain Natives – “Let in the light”
-There’s a sweet, harmonic core to this song that’s sure to put a smile on a lot of faces. The encouraging, optimistic message is about finding hope in the midst of dark times. I really appreciate the sweet acoustic style at the core of the track. The combination of the two voices blend for a delightful sound overall. It’s definitely a good picture of the optimistic modern folk sound that’s been popular in the past decade or so.

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