You decide if these are folk or country music – an indie playlist for discerning fans

Drew Hart – “Crescent”
-Of course the guitars are at the heart of this track, but there’s also this beautiful steel guitar that changes the vibe completely. The understated vocal will having you thinking more of smoke-filled Nashville bars than the arenas of “pop country.” I admire the soulful composition of this song that seems to be simultaneously everything I like about country music and sound nothing like the genre today.

Rett Madison – “Shame is a river”
-This is a breathtaking song, honestly. Rett Madison has one of the best voices we’ve discovered in 2020. Besides that, though, there’s a soulful vitality to the recording overall. It feels like it’s gripped in the truth, almost mired in it. This is not a happy go lucky song; it’s about wrestling with your demons and coming out on top of powerful self reflection. It’s fantastic and gritty.

Crispy Watkins and the Crack Willows – “Tend this flame”
-This song is probably more in the Americana category, but we’re happy to feature it on our site. The collective vocal work is a lot of fun. It’s clear that the band is having fun, which translates oveer to the listening experience. I appreciate the balance between the authentic vocal energy with the string work (both banjo and fiddle). It’s just a wholesome song that I could picture singing with friends.

Town Meeting – “Forget me nots”
-This is a song about the death of something, the loss of something. I don’t know how much of this is metaphorical to a relationship or maybe an allegory for something in society? I don’t know exactly, but the bluesy chord work and incredible vocal harmonies are absolutely amazing. This is the kind of music that should be on a TV show or film. Actually, I might add this to every folk and Americana list we make this year. If you like the Wind and the Wave’s aggressive folk-rock-country style, you’ll love Town Meeting.

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