Make your way through this list of intriguing singer songwriters

Taylor Kopp – “Under these pines”
-Taylor Kopp is the real deal when it comes to acoustic singer songwriters. I look for this kind of authenticity in songwriting. I’ll tell you what got me with this tune… it was the piano. The guitar and vocal rambles along perfectly fine and then the gentle piano accents everything. If you’ve ever spent time with someone and wish you could just go back for one more time… this song will connect deeply. This is so relatable and beautiful I can’t say much more about it.

Emily Keener – “Nap”
-It’s hard to find a truly artful singer songwriter that doesn’t cross into that cheesy area sometimes. But Keener is honestly the real deal. The lyrics have a depth to them that seems to move into the literary. Keener reminds me a bit of what we all loved about Noah Gundersen’s early songwriting. Keener’s introspective yet spiritual reflections seem to drip through the lyrics as well as the expression in the vocal. Everything about this song is the real deal and you need to hear it.

Ben C Hope – “Girl”
-I really enjoyed this song the first time I clicked play. As I read more about Hope, though, it came to my attention that he self-recorded every instrument in this. What a feat! After that, I listened a little more closely and realized this is an incredible song to put together. It’s got everything from lead vocal and guitar to backing orchestration. This is all self taught!? How cool! Give Hope a chance.

Isaac Jensen – “Feelings”
-I love a good acoustic base for a song, but when the vocalist is as good as Jensen then I have to listen. This piece has rich textures to it, especially as the vocal soars on the verse. The mesmerizing style of the guitar helps to pull me in on this one. If it’s quality folk singer songwriters you like, definitely add Jensen to your playlist.

Jared Lev – “In a different way”
-Piano doesn’t seem to make its way to the top 40 as much as it used to, but Jared Lev makes a great case for bringing it back. I like how this melody feels a bit Elton John-influenced, without all the raucous theatricality. It’s a heartfelt, almost neoclassical charm in some places. But Lev’s vocal definitely connects the mood of the music to a clear message. This is a delightful song from a promising songwriter.

Cape Weather – “Falling asleep”
-Do you remember the first time you heard Zoey Deschanel’s music and thought, “wait, is that… the actress?” That’s how I felt when I heard the lead vocal on Cape Weather. This is an amazing quality lead vocal, smooth and engaging. When you combine that easy to enjoy vocal style with some relatable, relaxing lyrics… well I had to cover the tune. What a wonderful easy listening song, radio and playlist ready! I’d love to play this for one million of my closest friends.

Daniel Lerner – “I’ll be patient (if you’ll be kind)”
-There’s an easy listening vibe to the kind of songwriting energy Daniel Lerner produces. The message of the song is about finding a way to get along with someone. The conflict in the song is palpable, but the easy going nature of the melody shows that it’s going to be okay in the long run. Something about this one reminds me of the simple brilliance of James Taylor. There’s definitely that kind of “chill and listen” style here from Lerner. I dig it.

David Davis – “Ordinary Day”
-We covered this song a few years ago when it was released. It’s a great neo-soul song. If you’re interested, the promo team sent us this new video to go along with the song. There’s not much new we have to say about the song, so we’ll leave you with the video to enjoy.

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