A pair of tracks from Paden for fans of indie pop rock

Paden – “All the saints”
-When the track opens, there’s a calming sense that seems to come over the room. As the introduction opens the song, it doesn’t feel like an indie rock song — but stick with it. Trust me. As the track unfolds you’ll find more energy in the chorus. But the dynamics that build from the male lead in the first verse and the female lead in the second verse, the vocals are quality from beginning to end. This is an inspiring tune.

Paden – “I am not who I will be”
-I don’t know what it is about these two voices, but I feel like I could listen to Paden for DAYS. The harmonies are rich and rewarding, sure, but there’s a depth and sincerity in the sound that I rarely hear. It feels like they are both grounded in the earth and have an ability to rise above the chaos all at the same time. I really love the lyrical content about seeking your better self. I can relate to this song in confessional, deeply personal ways.

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