An indie rock playlist to help you jump, jive, and wail this weekend

Denim Mob – “Psylocin”
-I dig this groove. I liked it from the first time I heard it. Sometimes this retro glow sound can be off-putting, but this one feels like the absolute real deal. The lead vocal laying over the layer of retro vibes is also really good, creating this disco energy that feels right. We tend not to condone the use of psychedelics officially on ETTG, but it’s definitely a vibey and fun track.

Stop Light Observations – “13 Bullets”
-There’s a good, snappy pop rock energy to this track from the start. I really appreciate the way the song allows the lead vocal to shine through. Rock music like this can hit hard (and does, especially for the chorus) but allows space for the vocal to shine as well. When the soulful energy takes off on the vocals, I absolutely SHOW OUT listening to this track. This is major pump-you-up rock music and that GUITAR SOLO oh my word. Seriously hype for this track.

Sumen – “Silly Songwriter”
-Have you heard of this great scuffle band out of Liverpool? They’re called the Beetles. Oh wait, no, I’m sorry those are some old notes. This band is actually called Sumen. But the guitar tone and overall style definitely harkens back to a bygone era. I appreciate the lead vocal and the genuine guitar work. Some of the background filler feels a bit out of place from the 60s style it emulates, but the song overall deserves to be shared. They DO make music like they used to.

Dry Tears – “Wake alone”
-This could actually be a hit song. I shared it with some of my friends and explained that it’s not the most technical song, but it just WORKS. I love how the heart and message of the songwriter is so evident on this track. The beat is really good, the guitar part is solid, and the overall feeling is one of the simple truth of wanting to be with someone who makes you feel better. If you’ve ever had someone in your life who helped calm your mental confusion, this song is for you. It’s also incredibly fun to sing along with! I like this A LOT! (PS – the music video is adorable)

Garzi – “Sick of me” (ft Travis Barker)
-If you’re looking for a track to express your not-so-inner dialog living with yourself through the quarantine, spin this track from Garzi. Being of the age that lived through bands like Linkin Park and Papa Roach, I am always going to associate this type of intense sometimes-shouted pop rock with that era. That said, I definitely think there’s a popular (as in we all share it) emotion captured in this track. I’m happy to support the song here because I’m so sick of me!

Milo Gore – “Green Eyes”
-I found this unique rock style here. There are some sections within the track that are not phrased like a standard rock track, which helps it stand out. The collective vocal on the chorus knits the full composition together nicely. While we typically feature more straightforward melodic rock bands, this track from Milo Gore gives an intriguing alternative to conventional rock music.

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