So you’re saying you like indie folk? Get some here.

Plasi – “Run”
-The energy of this track is palpable. I like the hand claps (because, duh!), but the overall acoustic style mixed with a good lead vocal is really something to behold. The message to “run for your dreams” seems so utterly impossible in our present reality, but it’s a powerful reminder. Don’t forget about who you are and what you’re striving for. If possible, work for it even now! You can do this.

Frank Moyo – “Beach House”
-If you’re looking for a song that blends together at LEAST three different genres (folk, soul, and rock), give Frank Moyo a spin. The energy here is snappy and smooth. It reminds me of the kind of thing you’d hear in a club in the French Quarter. It’s got that deep soulful presence while also having a soaring pop rock energy that makes you want to sing along. I dig everything about this jam and look forward to more from Frank Moyo.

Night Flight – “Rye”
-This song almost made me cry when I first heard it. In a world with so many fabricated attempted “hit” songs, this one actually comes from a place of genuine heartbreak. You can hear that he wants his partner back. He misses everything, even the hard parts. The eclectic atmospheric work on the track just shows that dreamlike wonder of wanting to be back with someone after it’s all over. The emotions are so complex, but yet he’s living his life an hour at a time. Whew. That hits hard. This is some heavy, Springsteen style gritty writing.

Wandering Souls – “300 Miles”
-If you like the coffeehouse mix of music — you know the kind with the delicate acoustic guitar and a sweet approachable vocal — then you will love Wandering Souls. This song really has that charming energy to it. They kind of remind me of what I loved about Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves some years ago. There will always be a space in the music industry for this adorable duo style. Let Wandering Souls put a smile on your face while you experience isolation from those you love.

Wild Manes – “Cicadas”
-The folk energy of this track is embodied most evidently in the vocal harmonies. If you like classic harmony bands like the Mamas and the Papas, you’ll enjoy the style of Wild Manes. There’s even a bit of a California thing going on with the guitar on this track. It’s a sound that’ll pull in a wide range of audiences and I’m eager to see what happens with the promising career of Wild Manes.

Girl Skin – “Soft Gun”
-I know you shouldn’t judge a song by its name, but I was honestly so confused when I saw a band called Girl Skin and a title “Soft Gun.” What is this combination? Well, after listening I guess they aren’t really connected to each other. It’s kind of a 60s style folk rock anthem, but with this modern production edge that makes it feel really good to modern ears. The layers of strings and vocals all work well. Give it a spin.

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