A couple of tracks that would do Tom Petty proud

Midnight Vesta – “I’ll have another”
-If you’re a fan of folksy music with an electric guitar for additional texture, you’ll definitely dig this sound from Midnight Vesta. The mix is perfect, allowing the quality lead vocal to shine through. The easy going folk energy kind of reminds me of the Eagles. But really, the title of this post is the comp worth mentioning; this is definitely a track to do Tom Petty proud. It’s got that heart-wrenching lyricism and a super vibed out mood. I like it.

The Darling Suns – “Void”
-“I wanna scream, I wanna tear this house apart.” That’s the opening line. Need I say more??? I mean it was written for a quarantine. But honestly the lyrics of this track are pretty dark. It’s a metaphor (I hope!), but it’s definitely reflecting some of the dark reflections that we all have about the people we love and who tear us apart on the inside. It’s not a party track, per se, but the folk-rock fusion here is definitely something worth embracing.

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