Let’s spin some rock records together

Daniel Person – “Brother”
-If rock has an edge for you, Person’s gritty guitar work will speak to your soul. The vocal is so smooth while the guitars are just sooooo NASTY. I say that with the utmost respect and admiration. The overall sound is something you’d expect to hear in a bar. It’s an engaging rock sound that defies categorization and era, more of a pure “alt rock” than I’ve heard in a really long time. Definitely worth a spin if you like your guitars with some grit.

Ruby Bones – “Rooftops”
-This up tempo rock jam is definitely going to bring some energy to your day. The riffs feel a little more punk than pure rock, but since they bounce so happily and the vocal is so optimistic it feels more pop punk than anything else. I dig the way the breakdown on the chorus makes the song stand out from the crowd. The blend of vocal and optimistic chords feels really good to me, even though the lyrics are – if I hear them right – not exactly about good days ahead.

The Rare Occasions – “Set it right”
-The energy of this track is palpable from first listen. I imagine if some of the iconic 60s bands were still making music today they would do this. It’s got dramatic layering, energetic guitars, and soaring lead vocals. I’m most impressed with the tight vocals that hold the track together. It’s like the best of pop punk with a little less frenetic pace and a little more attainable lyrics. I think this track would really pop off if people gave it a shot on the radio. Add it to your playlists and make your friends smile.

Pool Toys – “Bad things”
-If you’re looking for a traditional rock jam, skip this one. Honestly I don’t really say that about many tracks, but this one I say that BUT I LOVE IT. Here’s what’s to love about it; it’s “anti pop” (the band’s description) and I think that really works here. It has some odd textures that just click for some reason. It’s like french fries in chocolate frosties. You don’t fully understand why it’s so good, but like… yum. That’s how I feel about the blend of these smooth vox and the bubbling cauldron of electronic elements in the background. The wise lyrics don’t hurt, either. It’s a gem, friends.

Hollyy – “What a shame”
-Kick it OLD SCHOOL with this 60s era jam. If you put this on for your family who were alive in the 60s you’ll drive them crazy trying to guess who it is. Motown? Maybe. Stax? Could be. It’s got that Memphis energy to it, for sure. The more modern electric guitar sound might throw them off, but no matter what they say they’re right… it’s a banger! Pop modern soul FOR THE ABSOLUTE WIN!

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