4 Reasons why Poker Players wear Headphones


You may have seen some poker players at PlatinCasino wearing headphones. While you might think that they are in a recording session or listening to their favourite music tracks- that is not the case here. Here are the main reasons why poker players wear headphones while playing their game.

To Get Rid of Distraction

There is a lot of noise produced at the poker table that can be distracting and playing at a casino can be messy sometimes. You may come across different types of players, some having noisy conversations, some drunk, and some who don’t know how to talk quietly. In one corner, you’ll find a group of players talking politics and at another table next to you, there is another group of players discussing their relationship in a foreign language, or even singing their favourite music. There are other players who will slam the table when they win or lose.

Poker is a complicated game that requires more concentration when compared to other casino games. With your headphones on, you can hardly hear background noise or other players’ conversations that are irrelevant to the game. This allows you to focus and get rid of those distractions.

To Stay Away From the Chit-Chat

While playing poker you might meet players who are interested in engaging in mindless chit-chat. Some players employ chit-chat as their winning strategy, hence the need to have headphone on to achieve optimum concentration during gameplay. Even though much of the idle conversation at the poker table is just that — idle, you should not underestimate what the other players are saying — it may just be a sign of their tell.

To Focus

A single poker game can take days before it is concluded. As a result, it can be difficult to maintain focus and win if there is constant noise and distractions. In live poker games, you get dealt around 25 hands each hour, and each playing day of a tournament can take up to 12 hours of gameplay.

In other words, poker is a mental game that requires a player’s full and complete focus. It is easy to be distracted, and in some case, players try to distract their opponents on purpose, hence the need for ultimate focus. Often, focus is facilitated by headphones. It can therefore be concluded that wearing a headphone is a strategic move that is advantageous to some players who require silence to concentrate.

To Stay Calm

As stated, chatter at the Poker table can be distracting and annoying. Besides, it can be a controversial topic that you ought not to engage in during a high stakes game. By listening to some music while playing poker, you will be freed from endless discussions and unnecessary chit-chat. As the music soothes your mind, you will stay calm, and you would not be tempted to indulge in the conversations.

Other than keeping away distraction, listening to the music of your choice, you will be calmer and play in a better way. You will be forced to concentrate more on the game and uncover those magic moves that help you win the game. You’ll be able to focus on the opponent’s style of play and get to know their moves while playing.


Poker is one a casino game that require maximum concentration to win. However, depending on which casino you are playing at, ultimate concentration might be difficult to achieve. There are different players engaging in different conversations, some of which are distracting. To remain focused, get rid of the distractions, and stay away from the chit-chat, players have opted to wear headphones to drown out the distractions and focus on the goal — winning big.

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