Five must-hear rock tunes from early 2020

Oldermost – “Gotta get outta here”
-Everything about this track sounds like a classic rock tune. The tone the guitar, the vocal intonation, and even the composition all clicks together really well. I would guess these guys listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen among others. It’s got this “golden age of rock” vibe to it and we’re certainly happy to support it here. Fans of Tom Petty will love this.

Vandalye – “Break in the willow”
-The easy going style of this track is right on the line between folk and rock. But who cares about genre when a song is this good? I typically don’t like when vocals are just a tad out of sync like this, but Vandalye pull it off well. I can’t exactly explain why I love this sound so much, but I think it’s a mix of 90s alt rock and something more modern and polished that clicks for me. I am definitely going to spend some more time digging into the whole Vandalye album soon.

Color Tongues – “Control”
-The raw rock energy of this track won me over from first listen. The guitars are really well mixed, providing a basis for the vocals to really soar on the track. Sometimes the main melody feels a bit monotone, but then it just takes off on the very singable “not the one who’s in CONTROL!” I definitely dig the entire approach on the song. I’m sure there’s a more technical subgenre of rock here, but I’m just going to say that it’s indie rock and I like it.

Fox and Bones – “Already here (music in modern times)”
-If you thought Fox and Bones were an easy going Americana act, you need to click play on this jam. This song is about how hard it is to make music as a career in the modern day. It’s got all those rough road stories, the difficulties of grinding out a living. It definitely captures the magic of what we have supported from David Ramirez in the past. The attitude and powerful blues rock is all there. It’s a good jam for sure, even if it makes you feel bad for the band.

Two Weeks in Nashville – “Take control”
-There’s an infectious rock energy to this track. At times the vocal is a bit over the top, but the entire commercial rock sound works for this band. I can imagine hundreds of kids packed in a medium sized venue just belting these lyrics at the top of their lungs. I don’t know how political (or not) this message is, but the song definitely encourages me to want to work for a better world through the political process. The metaphor seems to hold for me.

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