New music mix – a little bit of everything bringing March in like a LION!

Chandler Juliet – “Love language”
-I am a huge fan of this kind of pop music. It’s just sultry enough to get you going, but it’s not vulgar by any stretch. It’s about getting connected with the one you love. The beat here is somewhere between a floor burner and a slow jam, the perfect song for a transition. I am always going to support music with a good beat that encourages healthy relationships. Let’s just say it’s not a problem to get me thinking more intentionally about my wife’s love language. Ya dig?

Quinn Devlin and the Bridge Street Kings – “California Wine”
-If I told you this was a deep cut from Stax or Motown in the 60s, you’d probably believe me. Actually, you would believe the STYLE was from then, but the production is too good to fool anyone. But the fact remains this is a really chill jam with a lot of movement. I appreciate the the way the horns set the mood while the vocal does just enough to put the idea in your mind. It’s not one of those shout vocals — it’s a cool Allen Stone pop soul vibe and I’m definitely here for it.

St Buryan – “Tell me”
-If infectious rock energy is your thing, you should buckle up for this anthem from St Buryan. It’s got some of the chaotic pop punk energy of two decades ago combined with some modern progressive rock tendencies. The entire mix is something that you’ve never heard (in the best way possible). I find myself leaning into the beat and feeling the angst behind the honest lyrics here.

Marsicans – “Juliet”
-I definitely appreciate the up tempo energy and killer high register vocals here. It’s not easy to do, for sure. I appreciate the Marsicans always hit me with something new. I’ve covered them several times over the years and they seem to be constantly pushing the needle on their sound. As long as they keep this intensity and harmony-driven rock sound, I’ll be around to support. I think given a different era and some A&R luck, these cats could have been hall of famers. I’m hoping their big break is just around the bend.

Pepper Said – “What was I to do?”
-One of the comp bands for this submission was Paramore and honestly I can’t get that out of my head now listening to this track. I think Pepper Said deserve credit to stand on their own. In fact, I actually hear a bit of Gwen Stefani in the vocals as well. Pepper Said have this rock amalgam style that seems to bring together styles from grunge to pop punk. As long as the mix allows the lead vocal to take center stage, I’ll be interested. The energy is infectious and the vocal wins the day.

Hanging Valleys – “Sleeping sound”
-The term “atmospheric” gets thrown around music circles all the time. But this song — is positively, cinematically, and dramatically ATMOSPHERIC. It’s lush, beautiful, and satisfying to the ear. I don’t have the faintest idea what the lyrics are, but it’s the kind of song that doesn’t even matter. Perfect for the background while reading or perhaps doing artwork, Hanging Valleys inspire creative thought with rapturous beauty.

Arson Daily – “Looking for the light”
-There’s a chill energy to this track that pulled me in from first listen. The balance between the electric guitars and the vibed out percussion style absolutely pops. It makes me want to dance and chill out all at once. I don’t want to assume too much what these lyrics are actually about, but striking matches seem to suggest it’s a substance that helps people “discover the truth.” While we don’t condone that here at ETTG, we appreciate the sentiment of seeking the truth… with a good beat and some killer guitars. It’s not too far to call this modern psychedelic rock.

Fractures – “Plateau” ft Montgomery
-My approval rate on dream pop is pretty low because it often sounds like a rehash of poor 80s pop, but this… whew… this is at another level. Fractures have managed to create a sound that feels brand new. Sure it’s got some synth work, but it moves in a productive and fresh direction. The vocals both fit right in the middle of the mix, not dominating but allowing the listener to nestle right into the sound. If you’ve ever been in a rut in a relationship, but feel like you need to work through it to get to the good days again… this one will hit you hard. I can say definitively love is always worth working for. You can do it!

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