An Americana Exploration — new music in a classic genre

Patrick Jordan – “You don’t want me anymore”
-If the blues are your bag, put Patrick Jordan on your short list. This is one of those slowed down two step songs that will make you want to dance with the one who’s not there anymore. It’s sad, sure, but it’s also the kind of catharsis you need when you’re feeling the heartache. Put this one on the jukebox and hear it after the lovers go home and just the lonely folks turn down the night.

Kyle Cox – “Without your love”
-We’ve been covering Kyle Cox’s music for a few years now. In this newest work, he brings lush string arrangements to his old time blues and jazz group. Everything feels like it’s about six generations ago. What I like about it, though, is that it brings back those classic vibes in a chilled out way. This is lounge music with a fresh new look and feel. It’s nice to hear someone keeping classic music alive like this.

Radnor and Lee – “Outside In”
-If the voice in this track sounds VERY familiar it’s because it really is Joshua Radnor, also known as the actor who played Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother. I mean I’m sure he has played a lot of other characters, too, but if you get your head space around an Americana tune played by “Ted Mosby” and Ben Lee, then you’ll get it. I appreciate the approachable, fun vibe of the song. It’s got a rollicking style that feels a bit like I felt the first time I heard Steve Martin play bluegrass. At first I thought it might be a joke, but the closer I listened I realized it’s in earnest and it’s really enjoyable. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album from these two.

Howard – “Old Mountain Boy”
-If you miss Fleet Foxes for their atmospheric, creative folk music, you will fall hard for Howard. This band has a glorious texture to it. By that I mean that the mix is a perfect fusion of folk, psychedelic, and rootsy rock elements. It all comes together for this earthy vibe. I’m not sure I can follow the lyrical message, but the song just feels so good. I dig it.

Emma Charles – “Connecticutt”
-Emma Charles has a gorgeous voice. Full stop. I don’t need to say anything else about the song. But honestly, it’s the timeless easy going rock vibe of the track that allows Charles’s incredible vocal work to shine through. The electric guitar in particular dances around the lead like a perfect accent. If you’ve ever driven through New England with something on your mind and you lose track of the miles… you’ll totally get this song. It’s a slow burn, but the bridge will make the hair on the back of your neck stand. Give it a shot.

Rube and Rake – “Fleeting Moment”
-When I hear classic organ work like this, I always think of early Rayland Baxter music. I was pleasantly surprised pressing play on Rube and Rake’s new track “Fleeting Moment.” It’s got some lush production and idiosyncratic vocals that make it stand on its own. I appreciate the “time to move on” attitude of the track, with a thoughtful and quick moment of reflection. It dissects a relationship in a way that we can all relate. Fair warning; you might need a drink with this one because it 100% will make you think of someone you haven’t thought about in a while.

Galapaghost – “Dadgad”
-So put on your earmuffs if yougins are around. This one gets deep fast. It’s a lot more existential than meets the ear initially. I’m not even saying you need earmuffs for the “f word.” I’m saying you need it because Galapaghost will make you ask hard questions about our world that you might now want to address with kids. All that aside, the acoustic and personal style of this track reminds me of those old time truthtellers like Townes Van Zandt. We need more people making honest, confessional, but incredibly important music like this.

Ron Pope – “Bone Structure”
-I felt really late to the game when I found Ron Pope just last year. Apparently he’s been making music for many years. But boy am I glad I found him! I love that his music defies genre and easy categorization. He’s an incredibly captivating writer. This track is rooted in daily life and the crushing impact of someone who draws you into them with appearance so much that you don’t notice their weaknesses. It’s really powerful.

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