New singer songwriter tracks to help you chill

The Satellite Station – “Brand new”
-The production style of this track soothes my heart, I swear. I’m not sure what it is about the Satellite Station that works so well, but everything just clicks. The guitar and the vocal dance together perfectly. It’s an intricate and well-written song. It also reminds me that sometimes it’s good to go to bed because you might feel brand new the next day. Also, time heals a lot of wounds.

Noah Hellsing – “Good Enough”
-The easy comp here is Shawn Mendes. Hellsing’s songwriting soars with pop energy. The track feels perfect for that scene. Yet at the same time, Hellsing has something special in his voice and style. It reminds me of what I thought when I first heard Justin Bieber. It’s not just a gimmick; this guy has a confessional core to his message. The production is great, of course, but there’s more to this artist and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for him.

Sean Christopher – “Our Home”
-There’s an easy going energy that feels so good with this song. Sitting here in my own home, this song feels particularly comforting. It’s got an energy of familiarity to it. In a world with so many existential tracks about feeling out of place or broken, it’s nice to listen to a track like this. The understated but still pop production feels good, too. I like it.

Avocet – “Sell me to the wind”
-The intimacy in the strings and vocal on this track set me aback. I was really fascinated by the folk sincerity here. The track has a nice production value that is rich and rewarding without trying to do too much. The haunting mountain-esque old time lyrics are really captivating on their own. When you add in a unique guitar style and a quality lead vocal, this track moves from good to great.

Time for T – “Brighton (Clumsy)”
-This is a song about drinking Guiness in the rain. Picturesque, ain’t it? No, but seriously this is an amazing little folk ditty. You can hear from the plaintive expression of the lead vocal that this isn’t his first rodeo. This is the mark of a well-traveled artist. I am pulled in by the timeless folk style. And I stay for the honesty and great chord selection. I like this fella quite a bit.

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