Good music is good music – a genre-defying mix of beauty

Sayana – “Salty Water”
-This soulful track is really soothing. I appreciate the vocal harmonies in particular. It’s difficult to get voices to blend like this, but it’s great on this track. The overall style is chilled out, mellow, and is engaging from start to finish. I appreciate this song a lot.

J. Laser – “Sunshine”
-This is a sensational piece of music. I mean that in every sense of the word sensational. It’s got all sorts of light and flashing sensations to it. But it’s also something that stands out from the pop crowd right now. I dig the amalgamation of styles here, resulting in a feel good tune that doesn’t have a genre or era. It’s great!

Sea Offs – “Will (you)”
-I didn’t know what to make of this track the first time I heard it and I’m still not entirely sure. But like… I dig it. You know? I feel about this the way I feel about Pink Floyd; it’s obscure and unique but I keep having this internal vibe of just digging it. The song’s beginning is experimental, but it swells into a big-production pop folk anthem that is sure to find a lot of fans in our readership. Stick around for it.

And the Boys – “All my troubles”
-I like this track so much I loved it on Soundcloud and shared it on my personal social media the day I found it. That’s a level of “like” that is hard to put into words. I dig the beat, dig the lyrics, and more than anything I just resonate with the vibe of the track. These bros are my bros, bro. You know what I mean? I feel like we could kick back with some games and drinks for a long weekend like we’ve been friends for decades. Y’all fellas hit me up!

Ivan Hartle – “Set me free”
-What I love about this track is that it’s in no hurry. You think about someone wanting to be set free and they just can’t wait to take off. But this song is about the uncertainty and the dwelling in the thing. It feels like it’s out of place in the modern world, from a calmer, more relaxed era of life. It’s definitely a unique sound with a neosoul mix and an almost jazz style phrasing. This is a standout!

Photo credit: And the Boys IG

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