A folk blogger’s dream – a short playlist of emerging new folk artists

Alan Barnosky – “Lonesome Road”
-We’ve been featuring Barnosky for the better part of a year now. His pickin’ is real special. But what keeps me coming back is his vocal style as well. He’s one of those fellas that makes you believe every word he sings. This common people’s anthem about keeping moving. It’s okay to feel lonely but you’ve got to keep moving. Amen to that, brother.

St Anthony Mann – “Zenith”
-This track has a swoon-worthy acoustic style. The guitar wins your heart and the vocal provides an extra dash of sweetness. It’s definitely the kind of track that works for both concentrated listening or just to put on your coffee shop playlist. The overall mood of the track is worth your time if you’re a fan of folk acoustic singer songwriters.

White Tail Falls – “Disintegrate”
-Combining cinematic strings and a haunting lead vocal, White Tail Falls have created a thoughtful and engaging new folk sound. The snappy synth work might ruffle the feathers of some folk purists, but Dylan plugged in years ago. This new folk sound is still folk if it preserves the soul of the genre and this track does that. It’s the mesmerizing composition style that endears the track to me.

William Ogmundson – “Irish Lullaby”
-I typically put Ogmundson’s work in playlists of neoclassical music, but honestly this old tune feels right with a collection of folk songs. It’s got a spiritual dimension to it, although I can’t quite put my finger on it. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking for a relaxing piece to put on a playlist you won’t do much better than this peaceful, relaxing solo piano piece.

Shayna Blass – “Hey!”
-A bit of neosoul-meets-folk magic here, Shayna Blass creates the kind of music that I struggle to explain but absolutely love. The vocal is in the vein of Rachel Price from Lake Street Dive. The production feels close to the street, authentic, and meaningful. The overall blend is the kind of raw, gritty style that belies the complexity of the actual composition. If you can count the chord changes, you’ve got a better ear than me. There have to be hundreds! Either way, though, it’s a really interesting song.

Foxfeather – “The Rules”
-This track rises from the start into a powerful anthem. But the core of the track feels like a genuine folk song from many years ago. The “bang bang goes the hammer” has a repeated, powerful image behind it. All told, the track combines solid vocals with an approachable and enjoyable melody. The song is worth a listen whether you’re a fan of new or older folk music.

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