A dash of this and that – new music for a new week

Skippy – “I’ll wait for you”
-If you are a fan of pop acoustic music, you can’t do much better than Skippy. Once the full band enters the track, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an inspirational film. If I was one of those fancy music industry execs with power to make sync deals, I’d have this track selling cell phones or sensible midsized sedans in no time. (But honestly, I do really like the optimistic chords and production. It’s great!)


Casey Conroy – “Best Shoes”
-There’s a sense that life is overwhelming in this track. It’s stunning in the ordinary relatability of it. My first reflection was that this reminds me of something Ben Rector might have written. The clever line, “in the morning I put on my best shoes and they get ruined in the rain” honestly makes the track. It’s simple, but we’ve all been there. It can be crushing on certain days. This is infinitely relatable and the clean guitar work combined with the quality vocal makes for a superb all around track.


Robert Connely Farr – “Can’t be satisfied”
-If you’re looking for some gritty blues to get you through the day, Farr has that in spades. His vocal sounds like he’s had some experience to earn the grit. The guitar is in no hurry and makes you feel some of the longing inherent in the lyrics. The full production is fascinating and plodding, like an ache that won’t go away.

yllwblly – “I hope you’ll get yours in the end”
-I don’t know these guys, but I definitely understand the sentiment of wanting to see revenge unfold. It’s a deeply human response to wrongdoing. What I love about the song most is the expressive guitar work, especially the chord changes. It feels like a Lennonesque style, complete with conviction that still sounds pleasing to the ear.

Matthew Austin – “Stand”
-Austin is one of those guys that I can’t help but be surprised I hadn’t heard his work before. He’s so good. His writing moves well, with a hint of that grungy, understated folk rock vibe that just feels like the Pacific Northwest to me. So it makes sense that he’s (checks notes) from Manchester, England playing out of Germany. Wow. Ok just hush and enjoy. It’s a great tune.


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