A new music mix to kick off 2020 – rock, indie pop, and more!

Loser Company – “Blueberry Skies”
-For me, the easy comparison with Loser Company are none other than the fab four themselves, the Beatles. Now before you rush to judgement here, there’s definitely a more modern Oasis vibe here, too. But it’s more the composition that feels like the Beatles while the vocal style is more like a Gallagher brother. No matter, though, this is a captivating track. I’ve never heard something that felt so grungy and so pop all at the same time. One thing’s for sure… the sweat in the grungy club that conceived this track is palpable.

Salt Cathedral – “Caviar”
-The funkiness of the beat here might not feel like a typical electro pop tune, but that’s precisely what we dig about it. This is not the tune you’ll hear on the main stage at EDC, but it’s got a ton of sauce. I appreciate the snappy style, sultry lyricism, and overall cool vibe. I’ve never heard anything like it and I bet you haven’t either.

The Blue Stones – “Grim”
-This is a DIRRRTTTTYYYY song. I don’t mean that the lyrics are about sex or anything. I mean the muddiness in the mix of this track is absolutely THE SEX. It’s probably about a particular lifestyle that’s pretty far from my suburban dad life, but this track feels like Hollywood. It feels like fame. It feels like a place you want to be (in theory). I just might have to pull this one up on my “big speakers” when the kids are out.

rx Soul – “All I ever wanted”
-I cannot express the range of emotions I feel listening to this song. But it gets me moving in my chair, thinking about people I haven’t seen in 20 years, and wishing for some NSFW things. That line about “early adolescence” taps into EXACTLY where I’m at with this track. Get you some of this track and prepare to go on an adventure. It’s like a shot of liquid nostalgia and emotion.

Lincoln the Unknown – “Favorite Part”
-Listen to this song and be patient for once in your life. Just… give it time to develop, ok? This is a beautiful track but you don’t get instant gratification here. You have to peel away the layers for a bit. But the mesmerizing beat meets this thoughtful, evocative vocal/lyrical blend that is just… yum. I guess that’s not the most accurate word for a music critic but it’s quite good.

The Response – “Split in two”
-I suppose the official designation for this track is indie pop rock? I don’t care what you call it, though, because this is a really enjoyable track. The groove is tangible and the lead vocal cuts through the mix like a knife. (See what I did there?) Anyways, the chromatic chord changes and the quality mix makes this track a perfect fit for the indie pop mix. In fact, we’re starting a new one for 2020 right here.

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