You know it feels right – a pop playlist for that Winter Solstice Party!

SUBURBS – “Belmont (The Way You Move)”
-So this is a groove. This is a groove track with a really chill sentiment about dreaming of a lover. It’s perfect for a dance party, too, because it doesn’t blast the pictures off the walls. It’s got a chill groove that will get people staring at each other and hopefully actually dancing. The lead vocal is really crispy, too. I’d like to see this one move up the charts.

Dezi 5 – “Lady”
-Take a dash of Motown with a slice of Elton John’s piano energy and you’ll have this winning track from Dezi 5. I love the energy, the message, and the style of this track in equal parts. It’s motivating, moving, and powerful. The pop chord changes feel familiar while also inspiring. It’s amazing how well this song fits with the early 70s Motown vibe while being a brand new production. Good stuff!

Morningbird – “Do it again”
-Morningbird is one of my favorite bands of 2019. The combination of timeless melody, solid vocal, and overall good mix makes Morningbird’s music, “Do it again” included, as an infectiously good rock band. The way the band moves into and out of great vocal harmonies might be my favorite part of the sound. I’m really hoping to catch these guys live soon. They’re a ton of fun living right on the line of that indie rock and Americana line.

Wren – “Tarot”
-The synth energy of this track is absolutely infectious. I don’t typically feature this much synth, but this track does it right for some reason. The chords are lush, allowing the power of the vocal to seep through. Also, the tarot card theme of the lyrics feel really fitting for the solstice. The dynamics of the interpersonal relationship at the core of the song is infinitely relatable.

Harris Breyfogle – “Angela”
-It’s a running joke in my articles that songs with a woman’s name are either love songs or heartbreak songs. In this case it’s definitely a love. It’s a song about longing to be with someone. I think it works as a party track, though, because it’s got this cool jazz inspired rock groove to it. The chill vibe allows it to be in the background of a nice slurry conversation or the motion to the dance you’ve had in mind the whole night. No matter, the song is a jam.

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