These singer songwriters are the real gift this holiday season

Anson Seabra – “Trying my best”
-This song has a simplicity that soothes my soul. If you’re living the kind of life where you just feel so worn out from EVERYTHING, this song about trying your best will feel so good. It’s a bit of an anthem to everyone else about how hard we’re working at it. The piano work is delicate, allowing for the lead vocal to feel like a best friend speaking right to you. This is a perfect “coffee shop” song. Fair warning – y’all might cry.

Kate Vogel – “Rain”
-We have been covering Vogel’s music a good bit lately. Press play and you’ll find out why very quickly. The combination of a bright and beautiful lead vocal with some fantastic production makes for a wonderful experience. The acoustic guitar keeps the sound rooted while the electric guitars seem to make the track “take off.” The blend is something that feels perfect for our moment in 2019, a bit of a dreamlike experiencing of dancing in the rain while we wait for a return to normalcy.

Chloe Fredericks – “Don’t come back”
-If you think this sweet opening is going to stay for the whole song, be warned. This is an intense anthemic song that will blast you right away. It’s about moving on from someone who was not right for the main character. “I’m moving on and I’m free.” It’s a survivor’s anthem. If you know anyone who is a survivor of toxic people, send them this powerful and encouraging track. The rock pop energy is infectious and the message is worth supporting.

Orla Gartland – “Figure It Out”
-We’ve covered Gartland several times because she’s so darn good. This song might not feel like your grandma’s pop music at first, but honestly the angsty, grunge-influenced parts of the song help to communicate the emotions really well. Gartland’s style is nonchalant but desperately eager to communicate with her fans. The end results are almost Andy Warhol levels of dynamic and contrasting. TAKE NOTICE OF ORLA!

Darryl Rahn – “Old Flame”
-Darryl Rahn is an immensely talented singer songwriter. His tone on vocals is fantastic. But beyond that, the lyrics on this track are magnificent. I can’t help but feel like I’m listening to a classic track from the 60s with the combination of writing and quality guitar work. The use of dynamics in this track are superb. Honestly, I will be watching Rahn’s career like a hawk; he’s one of my new favorites.

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