Five singer songwriters who will stop you in your tracks

Tim Schou – “If I’m being honest”
-This song has a beautiful acoustic element that introduces a thoughtful and engaging vocal style. The overall production feels familiar. It’s a nice easy going folk pop sound that’s sure to find a lot of fans in our readership. Once the group harmonies take off on the chorus, you’ll sing along. It’s like a 100% singalong rate. (This is based purely on anecdotal evidence.)

Matthew Thomas Hope – “I’d go anywhere”
-We used to have a running joke in our office that Matt got all the tracks that “sound like Ryan Adams,” but honestly this one came across my desk and I didn’t let him have a shot at it. Yes, Hope sounds like Adams. In fact, it captures the spirit of that Americana-tinged rock perfectly. I could listen to this all day long. I feels like real rock music with that Springsteen-Petty vibe in spades. Just good, classic, American rock music.

Dawn Coulshed – “Carving”
-There’s an atmospheric energy to this track that melts my heart every time I’ve listened to it. Something about Coulshed reminds me of early Maggie Rogers. The folksy core of the song supercedes the production elements. I’d love to hear Coulshed in an acoustic solo format. But fans of Joni Mitchell and the 60s folk singer songwriter movement will find a lot to like in Coulshed’s pleasant-sounding vocal style.

Patrick Martin – “Wonder Years”
-I don’t typically approve songs with wild and disconnected introductions, so you know when I do it’s because the main melody and track must be incredible. Martin writes a kind of pop energy that reminds me of (dating myself a little) the Glee TV show. This is the kind of pop that fans wear out but radio stations seem to avoid (and I don’t know why). I also love the way the lyrics make me think of my high school friends. To that AAHS c/o 2001 and 2002, I love you guys. Here’s to the wonder years!

Kevin Farris – “Cursed”
-Well, well, well. Are you looking for a song that will get you clapping and celebrating all while questioning self destructive behavior? *looks around* Okay, when you put it that way… Let me rephrase. This is a feel-good song about how hard it can be to live with discipline. It’s about how living a wild life is better than running for safety. I’m not sure these lyrics are for me (says the suburban dad, sipping his budget-friendly Folgers), but I like the up tempo rock sound. Also, if I’m honest, the lyrics do remind me of an earlier time in my life. *sigh*

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