Some high energy rock tracks to share with at least one thousand friends

Skyward Story – “Home”
-I have a running joke (with myself?) about the number of songs titled “Home” that I hear in a single year, let alone all time. It’s… a common theme. So imagine my surprise when I heard this delightful harmony-based rock band knock the sound right out of the park. The energy is made-for-an-arena, along with fun singalong lyrics on the chorus. You can imagine enjoying this track at a concert with a joy-filled screaming crowd also longing to be “home.”

Meanwhile in Bat Country – “A Universe is Near”
-There’s a certain kind of trendy rock music that seems to always exist. It’s often understated in production but still quite powerful. That’s how I feel about this track from Meanwhile in Bat Country. It oozes this sort of mid 80s “we don’t care how many people are at the show because we’re just here to rock n’ roll” audacity. All of the elements are separately quite good and it all comes together for an aural experience that feels a bit out of this world.

Neon Trees – “Used to like”
-This track might be listed as alt rock, but it’s definitely got the energetic rock vibe going so I’m including it here. The timing in the opening takes a second to get into, but once you feel it the song has tons of energy. The 80s vibe takes over in the middle of the track, but it keeps up the driving rhythm that’s sure to find a lot of fans from our readership. I feel like going on a roadtrip when I listen to this. Let’s go!

Josh Cashman – “When a friend becomes a lover”
-Josh Cashman exudes confidence on this track. If you’ve ever been in the position of being with “just a friend” and then something “clicks” where it becomes MORE… well, this song will resonate with you. There’s a kind of sultry energy to the composition here. It’s got this GROOVE, though, that will put a smile on your face. Genre be damned, this is an excellent track.

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