Promising folk artists for Autumn 2019

McKenzie Lockhart – “Pasadena”
-Stop what you are doing and pay attention to this song. I don’t want you listening to this in the background. It’s so well done. The syntax is perfect for the genre. The guitar work is gentle and interesting. The vocal cuts through with believable lyrics right on the line of country and folk music. I adore this song and can’t wait to follow Lockhart’s promising career.

Sam Johnson – “Lost in the Mail”
-Despite the name of the act being an individual, this song is defined by the gang vocal. It’s a really fun handclappy folk tune. There were a lot of bands in this Lumineers and Oh Hellos style about a decade ago. Johnson brings his own energy to the style and it feels fun and fresh here. It’ll certainly have you clapping along and probably joining in on the chorus as well.

Big Little Lions – “Here we go again”
-I really enjoy the energy of Big Little Lions. We’ve covered them in the past, but this new track does something unique. The duo harmony steals the show right from the start. But something about the strings feel a bit more grandiose than similar folk bands. The whistling percussive breaks create a sense of space and adventure that feels inspiring to my soul. I can’t think of a better way to explain it than to say the song makes me feel good!

Alexander Biggs – “Madeleine”
-I often say that a song titled after the name of a woman is either really sweet and loving or really sad. This one is the latter. It’s about blues and loss. But what I like most about this track is how infinitely relatable it is. The composition is so delightful and easy to hear even while the lyrics are heartbreakingly tragic. I love me some sad song folk music and Biggs does that expertly on this track.

Kristin Eley – “Soothe (Little Yellow Room)”
-This is a quaint little folk tune from Kristin Eley. If you’re a fan of female harmonies, you’ll love the subtle sweetness of this track. It moves along gently, but provides some truly soothing elements. I appreciate how the entire composition exudes tenderness. This is one for your “relax and fall asleep” playlist. Fans of Celtic Woman will enjoy this one a great deal.

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