A short list of eccentric indie darlings to add to your playlists

Bee Virginia – “Won’t You”
-If you’re looking for soulful vocals and an understated pop groove, grab a hold of the latest release from Bee Virginia. The track buzzes with energy from the start. It’s got some sultry lyrics hidden in there, but mostly it’s a track for getting that “let’s stay in tonight” dance style happening. Put this one on your playlist for that special someone. Find her on IG @beevirginiaa

Olivia Gunn – “Take It”
-This jam is not necessarily one that will have you jumping in the streets, but it’s perfect for that contemplative playlist. The relaxed beat on the track with evocative, melancholy lyrics works really well. It’s ultimately a story of self determinism, but it is woven into this downtempo vibe. My younger more emotional self would have LOVED something like this. I still dig it now.

JunkBunny – “This Time”
-When you tell people you listen to indie rock music, they probably assume the sound is something like what we hear from JunkBunny on this track. Okay this might be more pop punk than *most* indie rock, but this is the kind of indie rock I dig. I love anything that makes me think of bands like Good Charlotte or Sum41. This definitely fits that bill. It’s nice to know people can still create tight, harmony-driven and guitar-heavy punk rock. I could listen to this all night.

Hero the Band – “Trouble in my mind”
-I appreciate the raucous energy of Hero the Band. Some of the vocals really soar on this track, allowing it to feel like an other worldly performance. The overall mix of the guitars and vocals works really well, drawing the listener into the energy of the track. I immediately thought, “this would be perfect on our indie rock playlist” so we are featuring it there right now! (Check it out!)

LiLi Joy – “Float”
-There’s something that absolutely glows in this track. I adore the little flourishes LiLi Joy puts in the vocal lines. But beyond that, the genre-blending style of pop soul music and… singer songwriter sincerity… just pops in this song. I am eager to hear this one get in front of some big time music industry folks. I think LiLi Joy could have a magical future in the industry if she can catch a break with a song like this.

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