Five inspiring singer songwriters, including the iconic Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin – “What Would You Do (Refugee Song)”
-Listen to the words. Think about these lyrics. Think about what you should do about the crisis Radin’s writing about. Radin’s heart is on his sleeve with this beautifully engaging acoustic anthem. The song is vintage Radin composition, with contemplative acoustic lines that match his equally thoughtful lyrics. Instead of this one being about love or adventure, it’s about empathy and justice for the least of these. We can support this with our whole hearts.

Jesse Taylor and Alex Wong – “Landfall”
-Any time we hear folk duo harmonies it’s easy to give the comparison to Simon and Garfunkel, but honestly the vocal blending of Taylor and Wong does seem to get into that territory. They are extremely talented. On the “oohh” vocal break, some of the chord changes are simply stunning. It’s the kind of song that feels “comfortable” and “nice” on first listen, but the more I listen the more I fall in love with it. It’s a beautiful piece of writing.

Chris Brain – “Peace and Quiet”
-If you miss the sounds of iconic singer songwriters like Gordon Lightfoot and the classic Greenwich Village era of folk music, you will love what Chris Brain is doing. Something about his composition and quality reminds me of Graham Nash. The entire sound on this breathtaking track “Peace and Quiet” soothes the soul. I even admire the dusky baritone style of Brain’s voice. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Hayden Everett – “For I Fear”
-Hayden Everett’s information says “a work in progress.” I’m not sure if that’s a reference to his PR materials or if it’s an existential statement about his life… but either way I like it. The quality vocal style from Everett stands out immediately. Then there’s this orchestral magic that comes through in the composition, highlighted by beautiful vocal harmonies. If you’re a fan of “easy listening” style pop music, you definitely need to add Everett to your playlists. Speaking of, we added him to our singer songwriter playlist here.

Jilian Linklater – “Up”
-Linklater’s sincere writing style is wonderful. I think some might compare her sound to someone like Taylor Swift, but honestly I hear something a bit different here. She reminds me of a YouTuber named Haley Klinkhammer who I covered years ago. Linklater’s sincerity is what drives her sound, with authentic lyrics and crisp vocals that pull the listener in right away.

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