Five gifted emerging singer songwriters

Stephen Babcock – “Devil”
-The production of this track is out of this world. Everything from the lead vocal, expressive guitars, and backing band all click here. If you’ve ever been a fan of southern blues, especially with that Mississippi delta feel to it, you will absolutely love this song. I haven’t heard a song that channeled the spirit of Robert Johnson this much in years. This track is the genuine article. It’s worth a spin for all fans of Americana.

Rachel Bearinger – “Spirals”
-Astute readers of ETTG will recognize the name Rachel Bearinger, not only because we’ve covered her music, but also because she has written for us over the years. Bearinger steals this track with her intimate vocal style. The guitar work is good, but it’s the expressive vocal lines that win us over on this one. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in life, this song will speak to your soul. It’s about trying to get grounded when life feels out of control.

Kristopher James – “Too Soon, Too Late”
-Kristopher James can SANG. That’s not a typo. This guy can SANG. The amount of soul in this vocal is absolutely phenomenal. The overall production feels like it could have been recorded in Stax in the last 60s. The vibe feels legit and is something we are proud to support. This one came along at just the right time… not too soon or too late. If you miss the “good old days” when people made “real music” then you need to spin this track (and share it with your friends!).

Badhead Hyland – “Happiness”
-I really like the lead vocal from Badhead Hyland. The full production dips in and out at times, but there’s a core to the track that hits me deeply. I think the core melody and intimate lyrics are the best part. The overall production might not be as polished as other artists we’ve featured, but it’s really rare to capture this amount of spirit and depth in a simple singer songwriter style like this. I am fascinated to watch Hyland’s career unfold; this is a rare gift.

Matthew Pinder – “So far”
-We’ve covered Pinder in the past. You can quickly hear why we’ve had him back with a quick listen of this track “So far.” The writing is clever and engaging. The overall strength of the track is in Pinder’s vocal style complimented by his complex writing style. In a world with so many vapid lyrics and happy-go-lucky style, it’s nice to hear someone bring conviction and complexity to their music. This is an impassioned track for fans of intellectual singer songwriter music.

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