Five brand new jaw-dropping singer songwriters

The Satellite Station – “Running”
-I appreciate the energy of this recording. It’s the kind of track that just soothes the soul in its own way. The chill guitar work sets the stage for a quality lead vocal. The full composition feels like a melding of mid 90s alt rock and something newer, fresher. I can’t help but bob my head and chill out with this track.

Warren Wentworth – “Be Still”
-Wentworth’s acoustic guitar work is really satisfying. There’s something about the composition that reminds me of the old days of David Gray (and related artists). It’s got an atmospheric, almost cinematic quality to the full composition. It’s a bit of the blending of pop and acoustic folk that makes it resonate for me. The message, too, of the need to be still is really countercultural in our world. Take his advice and relax with this track.

The Motel Brothers – “Honey (feat. Katie Buxton)”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a bit, you’ve heard Katie Buxton before. This girl can SING. Combine her work with the cool groove of the Motel Brothers and we have ourselves a hit! Honestly the way that Buxton’s vocal rises on that “honey!” lyric will put a smile on the face of the biggest grump. I definitely get my sway on listening to this cute but somehow still serious track. The combination of vocals and vibe are just delicious.

Rompala Flamand – “Pacific Coast Highway”
-This is a mesmerizing acoustic folk song. But what makes it so gorgeous isn’t just the guitar work, it’s the quality of the lead vocal. Oh my word! I’ll listen to 1000 demos before I find another voice this stunning. The whole composition then is really dynamic. It’s got a little bit of the magic that you’ll hear in an artist like Lorde, but with more of a light and airy acoustic format rather than the electronic world. I could listen to this all day (and maybe I will). I’m keeping my eye on Rompala Flamand.

Zoe Brush – “Rainstorms”
-I remember being at a talent show as a kid, probably only about 3rd grade or so, and I heard someone do a magical rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” This track brought back that memory for me, as vivid as if it were yesterday, because there’s the same kind of soaring solo energy here. Zoe Brush sings in a style that I don’t typically feature, but she’s so good at it that I am totally captivated by her presentation. The cinematic backing track serves to sooth the soul while Brush’s vocal seems to enrich that same soul. It’s a breathtaking combination.

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