Beat the summer heat with a cool mix of new music

Jake Troth – “Open Door”
-Troth is an interesting artist for us to cover in that he seems to situate himself right in the pocket of a few different genres. The acoustic guitar work in the opening feels quite folk, but then the overall ethos of the track feels like timeless Americana. As someone who enjoys artists like John Denver and James Taylor, I was thrilled to hear such a polished sound in the folk-sy pop world right now. I could listen to this true “easy listening” song from Troth for a long time. Also, the lyrics are totally adorable.

Toria Wooff – “For Liam (Soujha)”
-This lush composition from Toria Wooff is sure to find some fans among our readers. The balance between the acoustic guitar, the delicate lead vocal, and the sweet backing strings (cello?) make for something truly unique. It’s immediately relaxing and impeccably interesting. It works as background music, but also has an inspiring message about working toward a meaningful relationship.

Laurent Bourque – “Thinking of You”
-When we get rock submissions we always tell artists we’re looking for a Dawes sound. Well hot damn we found it here with Laurent Bourque. The crisp electric guitar and solid lead vocal come together for a positively sexy style. The lyrics are about thinking about a lover, so it fits the vibe of the track. The full composition is great if you’re looking for something to sing to or play for that special someone.

Lily Kershaw – “Now and then”
-Lily Kershaw’s sound is unassuming but will steal your heart. Just hush and focus on this one if you want to have your soul moved. I love how the understated vocal balances perfectly with the delicate overall style. The guitar is subtle and the poetic lyrics lay ever so gently over the sound. This is no summertime banger, but it’s perfect for those reflective sentiments when you squirrel away some time for contemplation and meditation.

Big Little Lions – “I can have it all”
-I really like this song. It’s the kind of music that fires me up to work together with the people in my life. Does that even make sense? It’s got this sort of Lumineers magic to it, but also sounds somewhat like the Belle Brigade. The whole thing really resonates with me. I am hoping we can do more with Big Little Lions in the future. Maybe they’ll let me sit in with my baritone vocals or a muted trumpet. Ya dig, friends?

Plasi – “Bright”
-Sometimes processing submissions is super easy because tracks like Plasi’s “Bright” come along and just jump off the screen for you. Can you hear that magical energy in this track? It feels a bit like the Tallest Man on Earth. But it also has this energetic folk festival vibe to it where you can’t tell if you’re in a big tent revival or an intimate venue. I don’t know how this song feels like both at the same time, but it really works. This is a delightful little track from a rapidly rising folk band.

Home by July – “Get better whatever”
-I have always been a sucker for pop punk music. It’s probably because I was in 11th grade when THE PRETTIEST GIRL in school was a fan of pop punk. It might also be that I spent the following four years listening to bands like MxPx, Good Charlotte, and Relient K. Home by July bring that similar kind of quality vocal energy. The energy is similar to those early 2000s style bands, with the most obvious comp being Blink 182, but overall I would say that Home by July have a crisp new pop punk sound. I’m interested in following them. I’d love to know more about how they recorded these vocals. If these guys are this good live, they could be a real force in the indie rock scene.

Air Land Sea – “Golden Child”
-This song is going to sneak up on you; just let me give that as a warning at the start. When you initially click play you feel like it’s just another sweet folk acoustic song. And then you keep listening to the poetic lyrics and sink deeper into it. Once the vocals hit on the chorus, you find yourself steeped in an almost Monkees-esque infectious harmony track. It’s timeless and wonderful. Call it folk or indie pop, but this is a charming and rewarding song that keeps me coming back for repeated plays.

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