Delightful dash of variety to start the week

Glom – “Forlorn”
-If you’ve been following my picks in rock lately, I’ve not been big on “alt rock” really. It takes something really special and Glom seems to do that here. There’s something about the unconventional melody and the overall “mood” of the track that puts a smile on my face. It’s reflective and reminds me of the early 90s when bands like Bush and Oasis were stealing headlines.

Tanya Gallagher – “Barren Land”
-If you’re a fan of alt country artists like David Ramirez or Sturgill Simpson, you’ll find a lot to like in Tanya Gallagher. The attitude in the lyrics on this track fits safely in the genre. The twang of the guitar works perfectly with the character in the vocal. The lyrics will make you think of those things in the past that you need to move on from but just can’t get yourself to do so. It’s the middle of the day here, but I’m hankerin’ for a drink listening to this song.

Skinny Living – “My Blood”
-I like the chill groove of this track. The understated style makes it feel like it might just be a lounge jazz tune, but then as the track picks up you can feel a real rock energy sneak in. The thing that makes this track pop for me is the quality lead vocal. You’ll also find it hard to sit still with this track. It’s rare to find such a range of influences that work so well, but Skinny Living have something special with this track. It’s worth your spin!

Joe Dolman – “Drag You Down (acoustic)”
-We’ve covered Dolman a few times this year. He can absolutely crush a song as a pop singer songwriter. I love the little bit of rasp he has in some places, but the vocal is strong and sincere throughout. If I had a record company I would sign Dolman in a second. He sings with precision and consistent energy. The lyrics here are as good as anything you’ll find on the top 40… and better than most.

Rob Kroehler – “Descend to me”
-Intellectual folk singer songwriters are not as common as you might think. Kroehler’s songwriting brings a Milk Carton Kids kind of wit to it. The articulation and style reminds me a bit of what I first loved about Ben Folds. Kroehler is making some very innovative music here. It’s unbelievable that his work isn’t getting more mainstream attention right now. This is a really thought-provoking song that shows off incredible songwriting chops. Let’s spin it a few more times, shall we?

Sawyer Fredericks – “Turning the Shoulder”
-I won’t mention the name of the show that helped launch Fredericks to stardom, but let’s just say that his post-show success has been indicative of his raw talent. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Frederick’s unique personal style in this latest record. We’re looking forward to exploring more of this pop-tinged Americana. A dash of blues and a little bit of pop rock, Fredericks writes with familiarity and sincerity.

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